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Who are Bic Sports.Co.Uk / KiteboardingUK?

Who are Bic Sports.Co.Uk / KiteboardingUK?

"What is the history of your shop?"

We have been trading and retailing in watersports/extreme sports related products since 1990 and in later part of 1999 our founder stumbled upon kiteboarding while on a surfboarding trip in Hossegor, France. At the time a yearly pilgrimage to the Quiksilver/Rip Curl Surfboarding ASP Contest Tours in Hossegor and Bairritz. And the rest is history, as they say.

If your popping into Lowestoft to Kiteboard - please call us in advance as there are areas where kiting is banned and there are some very dangerous spots and conditions. There are also hidden dangers which every time a tourist turns up we have the same old issues and problems. So call us in advance and we will tell you all our secrets ;)

"Where is the shop based"?

Lowestoft is the most Easterly point of England, it is the bit that sticks out like the backside end of England! We are just metres from the beach. It also means we can handle a huge amount of wind directions. Anything from North to South directly on our local beach (2 mins from the shop!) and anything from North West to South West is just a 30 minute drive away. KiteboardingUK's Kite School also has one of the biggest Kite teaching Kite zones in Europe it is a scrub beach with no tourists.

"Where are your Kite Zones and Kite Training Zones?"
We have a long lasting relationship with Waveney District Council and have 3 Kite Zones in the Lowestoft area. We use Lowestoft Main beach out of season during the summer season when the lifeguards have their safe swimming zones in place. Therefore we move all kiteboarding activities to Pakefield, basically at the last groyne south of Lowestoft beach.
Pakefield is another year round Kite Zone and we teach at this location frequently.
Kessingland Main beach is our primary location for teaching this is a huge scrub beach and we have loads of room to teach students and run the club days.

"I am a beginner! Where Can I learn Kite Skills?"

We offer IKO/BKSA Kiteboarder courses. Our school is open all year round and we teach 1, 2 and 3 day courses. We suggest you book ASAP. As the courses will be busy especially as summer approaches. A £50 deposit will secure your dates. Call the shop to book your dates.Please Click Here for the full information about the courses available, how to book and what skills you will come away with! We also have accomodation for kiters....more information coming soon with regards to this!

"What Brands do you sell?"

We stock ALL brands. We are constantly upgrading our website, and adding new products. But with products moving so fast its very difficult to keep up. We sell all brands so if it's out there, we can get it. We can equal or better any price or package deal available in today's market. So if you want something please email or give us a call and we will give you the best price.

"When are you open? How do I contact you?"

Telephone Mail Order lines - 0044(0)1502 512768 are open from 10.30am till 22:30pm every evening.

Need advice, just call. If you do not get through on phone lines, please send us an email.

Our shop telephone number is 01502 512768.

Thanks. We advise you call before travelling to the shop!

Our email address is info@kiteboardinguk(nospam).com - you need to remove the "nospam" and brackets bit from our email address - Many thanks!! We do have a very aggressive Spam Filter which knocks out some real and legit emails to us every now and then. Especially those from overseas. It does pay to mention kiteboarding in the title of your email (so we advise you use this in your title). Any names or comments like "Hello" or just a blank email titles will probably get deleted by our spam filter. Apologies in advance for that. If you are having problems contacting us with that address then please mail us at kiteboardinguk(NOSPAM) obviously remove the (NOSPAM) piece again - thanks!

How To Find Us
301 London Road South, Lowestoft, Suffolk.UK. NR33 0DX.
Google Map Link
01502 512768
Mon - (11am-5pm) Tues- (11am-5pm) Wed - (11am-5pm) Thurs- (11am-5pm) Fri- (11am-5pm) Sat - (11am-4pm) Sun - Kite Club(11am-5pm)

Please call for appointments after normal opening hours. Telephone lines are open from 11am - 5pm. We have a phone diversion service that runs till late most nights but you can also leave a message overnight if we miss you. Please call 01502 512768 for a sales assistant or email us and we will call you back in the morning if we miss your call. EMAIL US AT ""

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Bic Sportyak 213 Engine Bracket - Dinghy Accessories

Bic Sportyak 213 Engine Bracket  - Dinghy Accessories


Adapt your Sportyak 213 to take a small outboard engine.

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Bic Sportyak 245 Explorer Green

Bic Sportyak 245 Explorer Green


Used for fishing, as tenders for boats or just for fun, the Bic Sportyak and Bic 245 are more stable, more durable and lighter than the classical dinghies. More than 100 000 BIC boats have so far been manufactured and they have become a standard feature in the yachting world. The new Bic 245 is the result of these 35 years of experience.Exceptionally light, solidly built, incredibly long-lasting and stable, Bic boats have built a solid reputation in the world of leisure boating. The new BIC 245 is the result of 35 years of experience and development This mid sized dinghy combines the best features of those other legendary boats that are the BIC 252 and the Sportyak. Light weight, easy to transport, giving you excellent glide when you row, it can also be fitted with either a thermal or electric motor. From carrying men and equipment to an anchored boat, to getting out to the best fishing spots, to being a great toy for the kids. There are almost no limits for this super safe and versatile boat!

Length : 2.45m / 8'0.5"
Width : 1.20m / 3'11.2"
Height: approx. 45cm
Weight : 39kg / 86lbs
Capacity : 3 people / 639lbs
Engine: max power: 3 CV (approx 3 HP), max weight: 25kg

Complete package ready to go, accessories included with the dinghy: 2 oars, 3 rowlocks, 3 x rowlock brackets, 2 cockpit eyelets, 1 rope, 1 seat, 2-wheel system.
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Bic Sportyak 245 Oarlock Pair 2 off

Bic Sportyak 245 Oarlock Pair 2 off


The black plastic ones have now been discontinued and we are now selling a much stronger V2 clear transparent plastic version.
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Bic Sportyak 213 Oarlock Pair 2 off

Bic Sportyak 213 Oarlock Pair 2 off


The black plastic ones have now been discontinued and we are now selling a much stronger V2 clear transparent plastic version.
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Bic Kayak - Ouassou

Bic Kayak - Ouassou


The Ouassou is designed as a versatile and manoeuvrabile kayak ideal for beach fun. The stern handles let you hang on and swim and allow easy access on board. The Ouassou also handles surf and waves comfortably. The ‘spatula’ shaped hull is derived from surf longboards and rodeo kayaks. The slight keel and lateral rail design provide directional stability and excellent tracking. The Ouassou’s optional knee-strap system also allows you to secure your body to the cockpit when you are looking for greater control in waves or whitewater.

In the 2013 version, the Ouassou has three inserts on its hull. These inserts are to enable a set of soft Thruster fins to be fitted, which will improve its performance in waves. This set of fins will be available as a separate accessory. Its compact form and light weight make this a kayak that is easy to manoeuver, transport and store.

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Bic Sportyak 245 Rowlock bracket

Bic Sportyak 245 Rowlock bracket
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